Practice Areas


No matter what size your business happens to be, the help of a skilled attorney can prove invaluable for a variety of reasons. Knowledgeable legal guidance is important for a range of business decisions – from what tax structure to choose upon startup to how to properly dissolve a business when the time comes, and everything in between. And if you do find yourself in legal trouble, there is no substitute for experienced legal counsel.


Every corporation wants to run as efficiently as possible. To do so, however, requires following the law exactly – something that is not always easy when dealing with complicated corporate law. This is where the help of an attorney experienced in corporate law is so important. Good legal counsel will help your corporation stay out of any legal quagmires, and improve your overall performance as a result.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important step for every family, no matter how great or small their resources. Whether you have a large amount of assets that need protecting, or you simply want your family to know your last wishes, estate planning offers you the necessary tools to address those needs.

Family Law Attorneys

Attorneys for Divorce, Child Custody & More At the Lawrence Law Office, we are committed to helping families in conflict find creative solutions that focus on addressing their goals and protecting the children’s best interests. In our divorce practice, we work with clients at all stages of a marital breakup, from the initial filing to...

Municipal Law

Our firm has provided legal assistance in municipal law for a variety of clients, and we can do the same for you. We have represented local governments as well as municipal utilities, and we know how to address municipal law situations in a way few other firms can.

Real Estate

At the Lawrence Law Office, we handle a variety of real estate law issues for clients large and small. Because our firm is home to two Adjunct Professors in Real Estate Law, we have a deep understanding of real estate law. We can put our extensive knowledge to use for you, whether you need help with real estate transactions, disputes or negotiations.